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Javier Zabala Echeandía

Tel: + 34 944231593

Fax: + 34 944234907


Languages: Spanish, French and Italian.

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Solicitor. He is a specialist in Business Law. Member, Secretary, and Advisor to the Board of Administration of many and varied business organizations. He has a special experience in insolvency and bankruptcy procedures. For twenty years he was a legal advisor to Banco Atlántico (Banco Sabadell-Atlántico) for the northern area of the Iberian Peninsula. He has also defended the interests of other banking institutions such as Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa, Barclays Bank, Caja Laboral Popular and many others. He has participated in the creation of important business groups within the area of healthfood, nutrition and recycling, in the South American continent (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela; etc.) as well as the European continent (Spain, France, Germany; etc.). Since 1969, he is a Professor of the Law Faculty of the University of Deusto. He is a Permanent collaborator of the Master in Corporate Legal Counsel issued by the aforementioned Law University of Deusto. He is a speaker and moderator in multiple conferences of a commercial and business nature.