The services provided by our company are structured in several DEPARTMENTS which, through their different TEAMS are responsible for several PRACTICE AREAS which affect the interests of our clients.
These DEPARTMENTS and TEAMS are made up of professionals of similar specialities located in different geographical areas. However, they are permanently in contact thanks to the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES. That is to say we use the most advanced management means available.


Our office currently has the support, excluding the administrative team, of a total of 50 professionals composed of solicitors, economists, social science graduates (“Graduados Sociales”) and experts in mediation and negociation. We have more than 15 AREAS OF PRACTICE which derive from different DEPARTMENTS allowing us to virtually cover all sectors of Law and, consequently, enable us to respond to any of our customers’ legal needs.

ABBANTIA’s services rely on a PROXIMITY with our customers and their needs and on a PERSONALISED ATTENTION.

Besides our permanent company members, we count on a broad network of OUTSIDE PARTNERS and ‘BEST FRIENDS’ AGREEMENTS with legal, national and international boutiques, which offer us support on issues or matters specifically related to the job assigned, as well as with the cooperation with Institutions or sector-based Associations. They are all part of ABBANTIA’s team.