Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term that, when applied to the working world, refers to an ethical responsibility, which is understood as the responsible management of corporate organizations.

The basis of our CSR here at ABBANTIA is focused on the values which have inspired our philosophy and vocation: our desire to provide the best QUALITY services, DEDICATING ourselves to meeting to our clients’ needs.

These values, together with TRUST, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, SERVICE QUALITY, COMMITTMENT and ASSURANCE, are essential elements in order to ensure a socially responsible service.

In ABBANTIA we actively cooperate with the Sevillian Cerebral Palsy Association (ASPACE) and the NGO BEHAR BIDASOA, working on projects focussed on the integration of disabled people in society in addition to helping and collaborating with projects in third world countries.

The organisation ASPACE SEVILLA was founded by a group of parents and family members of people suffering from cerebral palsy. They, under the supervision of professionals from the Cerebral Palsy ward of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, decided to form an association which would work towards improving the educational, social and health care which people suffering from cerebral palsy were receiving.

The organization’s aim is to improve the quality of life, not just of people with cerebral palsy but also of their families. It does this by creating and offering services which meet their needs, as well as suggesting changes in their environment to increase their independence and provide them with equal opportunities on the basis of standardising principles.

For this reason, ASPACE has a service in place which offers advice and guidance to families, education for parents, the development of cooperation and partnership, a leisure and free time activity programme, programmes for parents, users and professionals, as well as a day care centre for adults who are seriously affected by cerebral palsy and practical medical attention for minors with cerebral palsy.

BEHAR BIDASOA is an NGO that can be identified by its collaboration in towns and villages of third world countries, promoting their development. It is thanks to the joint and coordinated effort of all its members, who are volunteers for the NGO under the “zero” administrative costs criteria. Their philosophy is based on the idea that we have to give the excessive capital gain which we have benefited from, at the expense of the exploitation of those who have been suppressed, back to the third world countries.

The main activities that this NGO is involved in consist of educational and developmental projects, the collection of clothes and materials, the sponsorship of children, grants for students who would otherwise be unable to study and financial aid (for humanitarian help).

At the main offices, the volunteer team take on a wide range of tasks, ranging from the management of projects, campaigns for humanitarian aid, increasing of awareness, fundraising and promotional activity. The different cooperative projects take place in the farming sector, in urban development, basic infrastructures, health, food, integral development, emergencies and education in the following countries: Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Paraguay and Colombia.