From January 2021 UK Citizens in Spain are regarded as non European Union nationals for immigration procedures, in this scenario ¿What will happen to the more than 300.000 British Citizens who are living in Spain territory or those planning to do so?.

THE TRANSITIONAL PERIOD: Also Known as Withdrawal agreement residency, that least until December 2020 and permitted that those British Citizens who were already resident in Spain could change to a new type of residency or obtain their registration certificate as if they were still a EU citizen, and those who already started their application to live here could continue with it.


If you can proof you where living in Spain before December 31st 2020 you can still obtain your residence in Spain by following the usual EU route thanks to the withdrawal agreement and benefit your family with this. On the other hand if you have a registration certificate or a green card, during 2021 you can still exchange it for the new type of residence or validate it.

If you arrived to Spain after the 31st of December 2020 or haven’t come yet even though you will have to apply for a regular residence permit, there are many options, being our work to find the one that suits better according to your situation and on behalf of your interests. The options are:

STUDENT VISA: Works if you want to do your post graduate studies in Spain. You can also modify it to do practices while studying (residence for professional internship) or to look for a job after you finish your program (job search visa), in this case you will have 12 months to do so.

Visa for Temporary Residency and Research Work: For foreign researchers whose stay in Spain is solely for the purpose of carrying out research projects, with an outlined hosting agreement signed by the institution of research.

NON LUCRATIVE VISA: This residence permit is the perfecto fit for those who would like to stay in the country without conducting any kind of economical activity. The main requirements, will be, to have sufficient economic funds, a private health contract and submit the right documents, and the benefits are as good as being able to bring your family members, have free movement within the Schengen area, work remotely form Spain with no need to invest in the country.

GOLDEN VISA (RESIDENCY VISA FOR ACQUISITION OF REAL STATE): This visa is conceived for those who can proof the acquisition o real estate in Spain with and investment value equal to or in ex cess of 500.000€. For doing so the applicant must add to the general requirements a certification containing information of the dominion and taxes of the Land Registry which corresponds to the property. Its important to note that the applicant must proof availability of an investment in real state for the amount of 500.000€ free of all charges and encumbrances.


A.- HIGHLY SKILLED EMPLOYEE: Allows for Residence and Work Authorization in Spain of highly qualified staff, with previous Government Authorization. To know if you are suitable for this kind of visa, we will have to take a look at your profile, check that the company that wants to hire you fit for this residence permit, and make sure that the tasks you will be doing for the company are regarded as highly skilled or you are going to hold a managerial position, also there is a salary requirement.

B.- INTRA CORPORATE TRANSFER: This visa allow transfers of foreign workers to Spain, as part of their employment, professional work or professional training with a company or corporate group established in Spain.

C.- Residency Visas for Entrepreneurs and Business Activities (REM): This section covers all investors presenting a business plan, considered and recognised as being of general interest, to be developed in Spain with the intention of entering and staying in Spain for a period of one year for the sole or primary purpose of  carrying out the preparatory work to develop an entrepreneurial activity.

The applicant must present a favourable report from the Commercial Office in the area of geographical demarcation where the investor presents the visa request, to confirm that the business plan presented is considered as a general interest.

In the case of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial activity is understood as that which is innovative in nature with a special interest to Spain and can count on a favourable report from the Commercial Office where the investor presents the application for the visa.

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