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“The solicitor not only defends the litigants’ interests in a trial, in writing or in oral, he is also a family counselor, he is the judge of controversial rights when the interested parties wish so, he is also the investigator of the historical, legal and philosophical sciences, should they be necessary to defend rights entrusted to himself, he is the apostle of legal science that leads humanity and guides it through the centuries

(Spanish High Court, sentence of 22nd January 1930)

Since its creation, ABBANTIA has applied these principles to the current globalised society, tailoring its services to clients’ needs in order to be more COMPETITIVE in today’s legal sector.

These services aimed mostly at EMPRESAS y PARTICULARES in the mercantile, fiscal and labour sectors, have grown into more specific areas of Law.

Similarly, the INTERNATIONAL VOCATION of its partners, who have legal experience in a variety of countries and international organisations makes of ABBANTIA one of the most outstanding firm in its field.

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