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Mónica Cauzo Bottala

Tel: + 34 954990226

Fax: + 34 954990227


Languages: Spanish, English and Italian.

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Solicitor. Specializing in the areas of Private and Criminal Law. University expert/Master´s Degree in comprehensive Labour Security, with aditional preventive specialities in Industrial Higiene, Ergonomics and Psicosociology in order to promove Safety at work. Audit about the Prevention of Occupational Risk by the University of Seville. From 1997-2002 in charge of the management and the organization or courses for Continuos Education (FORCEM) 2002-2009. Teacher at the Andalusia Business Confederation (CEA) imparting occupational courses. Teacher at the University of Pablo de Olavide, , Seville, imparting courses in Senior Master of Advocacy. At the present, head of the Department of Education, Promotion and Development of Abbantia..